Thursday, April 27, 2017

panoramic image

For this project I took a bunch of photos consecutively so that when I put them together they would form a whole photo. To put them together I went to photoshop and brought each of the photos to match them up. I had to rearrange the photos a bit, but I ended up getting an image that looked like a panoramic photo. This is what the photo looked like when I was done.

Monday, April 24, 2017


For this assignment I took the picture of the girl on top and I went to photoshop. In photoshop I selected the same skin tone as her and used selected the paint brush tool. I lowered the opacity of the paintbrush tool and went over all her pimples to have the outcome of the photo on the bottom.

Magazine cover

For this assignment I took a picture in photo shop and took a magazine cover from the internet. I posed like the girl on the magazine cover to make it look realistic. I took the eraser and lowered it's opacity to make it look like my face instead of hers. I also took the paintbrush tool and lowered the opacity on that and went over the photo to make some finishing touches. This is what it looked like when I finished.

Movie Poster

 For this assignment I took a photo in photo booth and I took the movie cover from the internet. I positioned my face in the position of the girl on the front and then I placed it on top of hers. I then got the eraser and lowered the opacity to make my face fit better. I had to also get a similar color as her skin tone and lower the opacity on the brush and color over to make it look more realistic. This was how it looked when I was finished.

classical "painted" portrait

I took a picture of a tree and then I went to photoshop and looked at the different filters. Then I selected a filter that made the picture looked painted and really interesting. The filter made the photo look smudged and painted at the same time and I thought it gave it a really cool look. This is my classical "painted" portrait.

creative blurring

For this project I looked up a picture of a random girl posing and a background of a forest. I put the girl in front of the forest and then I masked her. I then blurred the forest behind the girl and it gave it a really cool effect. This was a really cool and fun project to do.

self portrait montage with different filters

For this project I took a lot of different photos in photo booth. Some of the photos I took were filtered in photo booth, but I also filtered some of them in photo shop. I arranged them in a really cool order to make all of them visible and really interesting. This was a lot of fun because it was really interesting to filter a photo in photoshop.

Evolution of the Iphone 5

This is the evolution of the Iphone 5. I found a picture of the Iphone 5, the Iphone 5c, and then the Iphone 5s. It shows the first iphone 5 and then it goes all the way to Iphone 5s. This was a very fun and interesting project because it took a lot of thought about what to do for the object of the evolution.

Candyland landscape

For this assignment I took a landscape with a river and made a blue candyrock river. After I made the river I went over the grass with green m&m's. I made the sky out of blue Jolly Ranchers and then I added in the gummy worms, the swedish fish, and the gingerbread house. This was a really fun project and I enjoyed coming up with new ideas for it.